Mis Listas de Música
      1. Seals busy themselves on a pebble beach Album Seals

      2. Goats on the hillside. Album On the Farm

      3. Piglets. Album On the Farm

      4. Horse and rider trot through a stream and away over the hills, followed by other riders. Album Horses

      5. Opening a large wooden door you walk into the palace cloisters where a barrel-maker and craftsmen attend to their work. A wagon of goods is unloaded. Album Inside the Dragons Lair

      6. The cowshed. Album On the Farm

      7. Afternoon The day warms up, time for a little something maybe Album Cats y Kittens

      8. The farmdog takes a drink from the stone trough, sniffs and sneezes. Album On the Farm

      9. Afternoon Mother and kittens settle down for a warm nap Album Cats y Kittens

      10. A large train with carriages comes down the line and into a station, followed by several others. Album Trains

      11. The cows are moved to a different field. Album On the Farm

      12. Underwater splashes. The blowholes of nearing whales Album Seals

      13. Bottlenose dolphins and killer whales comminicate by click sounding messages. Album Seals

      14. Horses and coach stand idle chomping on the bit, tails swishing in the breeze. Album Horses

      15. The pigshed. Album On the Farm

      16. Back out into the countryside. Album Trains

      17. The large colony of seal-pups beg for food from their busy parents. Album Seals

      18. Back in the stables, the horses mill about. Album Horses

      19. With the battle won it is time you make haste across the feilds. Album Inside the Dragons Lair

      20. Many riders Album Horses

      21. Underwater; waves roll overhead, bubbles foaming and gurgling to the surface. Dolphins communicate in the murky depths. Album Seals

      22. Having narrowly escaped the dragon you gather with other warriors to do battle with an evil warlord who has brought darkness to the lands of this king Album Inside the Dragons Lair

      23. The cockrels announce the start of the day. Album On the Farm

      24. Trains continue to make their way across the countryside towards the city. Album Trains

      25. Sea lions and sea elephants attend to their pups on a breeding island. Album Seals

      26. The lure of an angelic voice entrances those caught in the spell. Album Inside the Dragons Lair

      27. Bad Weather It starts to rain. Time to gather up the kittens... Album Cats y Kittens

      28. A minor territorial dispute breaks out between a few sea lions. Album Seals

      29. You are a knight riding in from the forest and into the castle's courtyard. Album Inside the Dragons Lair

      30. You continue your quest and unlock the many gates leading down through a labyrinth of chambers and ancient passageways. Album Inside the Dragons Lair

      31. The farm prepares for the coming night. New bedding is laid in the sheds. Album On the Farm

      32. Bad Weather Bliss is a warm fire to curl up in front of Album Cats y Kittens

      33. A seal swims by quickly and leaps out onto a rocky isle. Album Seals

      34. Chomping on the bit and swishing its tail, a horse and cart standIdle awaiting the journey. Album Horses

      35. Afternoon Puss gets lucky and food is brought out for all of them... Album Cats y Kittens

      36. Woodpigeons coo in the nearby woods as the animals snooze in the heat of the afternoon. Goats, cows, sheep, and horses mill about in the fields. Album On the Farm

      37. Morning The kittens demand some attention from a contented purring mother Album Cats y Kittens

      38. A horse and cart journey down country lanes. Album Horses

      39. Saddled, horses and riders trot, canter and gallop passed. Album Horses

      40. A wooden door opens onto the balcony that overlooks the monks at service. Album Inside the Dragons Lair

      41. A passing dolphin chirps. Seals call in the background from their island. Album Seals

      42. Duck on the lake. Album On the Farm

      43. Seals thrash about in the water catching fish. Album Seals

      44. The stables Album Horses

      45. At the end of the caves daylight reveals a little Album Inside the Dragons Lair

      46. Bad Weather As the rain beats on the window... Album Cats y Kittens

      47. Afternoon The wind rustles through the trees,... Album Cats y Kittens

      48. A horse and cart speed passed on a track. Album Horses

      49. Back at the surface, seals returns with food for their young. Leaping out of the water at great speed. Album Seals

      50. The sheep field. Album On the Farm

      51. Opening a heavy studded door you leave the garden behind and climb the spiral stone stairs and cross the great hall. Album Inside the Dragons Lair

      52. Some horses trot out into the fields Album Horses

      53. Feeding the horses. Wandering around in the straw bedding. Album Horses

      54. Afternoon One of the kittens wants to play too Album Cats y Kittens

      55. The goat. Album On the Farm

      56. Morning Cat's and kittens venture out into the garden Album Cats y Kittens

      57. Afternoon Puss decides he's hungry again and calls at the back door Album Cats y Kittens

      58. Whales and dolphins are diving deep down underwater to hunt fish. The dolphins work in groups using their sonar and air bubbles to detect and trap the Album Seals

      59. Train lines, with bell and mechanical engineering. Album Trains

      60. The whales call to each other in the surf. Album Seals

      61. The donkeys. Album On the Farm

      62. In the near distance the cathedral stirs to the sounds of lamenting monks. Album Inside the Dragons Lair

      63. Dusk begins to fall and the birds sing to announce the end of the day. Album On the Farm

      64. Afternoon Biscuits! Purrr...fect Album Cats y Kittens

      65. Morning The discovery of a full cat-dish Album Cats y Kittens

      66. Whalesong Album Seals

      67. A train speeds away - interior viewpoint. With announcement. Album Trains

      68. The land rises sharply as you climb up and out int Album Inside the Dragons Lair

      69. The hens wander out into the farm's courtyard. Album On the Farm

      70. Castle guards spot the returning hero and raise the portcullis to bid your entry. Life continues peacefully in the castle... for now. Album Inside the Dragons Lair

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